5:38 PM | Author: abdul latif

it hav been quite long since my last post. exam week..
finish my paper on 7 'th May. For the past two week, i learn lots of new thing....
So many thing did happen, and some r so sweet but some r not.
but from obstacle and difficulty comes the sweetness...

it's really hard to go against ur disire, lust and nafs.... a brother said to me to enter Jannah is so simple, just only with two steps. the first is to step on ur nafs and the second step is entering the Jannah. it is so simple by words.....but soo hard practically. for me, of course..

this two week i learn the true meaning of iman. the taste of it, is something that could not be translate into words. to understand it. it is like the taste of a fruit, it is very hard to tell the real taste of a fruit. but to understand the true taste of that friut, u need to eat it urself.

the most unforgetable moment is on 21'st May. on that day, the jemaah met 3 non muslim. on different place and time. we ask them if they intersted to know about Islam. And Alhamdulillah all of them said "yes". and all of them seems very interested. They even agreed with all what we said. And it turnout, one of the 3 came to the jemaah the next day and convert to Islam... we gived him a new name "syukri". which is a symbolic to express our gratitude to Allah SWT. But on the same day the jemaah also met a muslim. born as a muslim, raised up in a muslim family. but hate to known as muslim. even try to question the Quran. Which make us very sad and pity on him.

This happen on the same day. And for us it is like Allah SWT want to tell us something. A tarbiyah from Allah SWT, for those who want to learn. Allah SWT has already bestowed us with a very precious ni'mat. That is the ni'mat of iman... BUT ALLH SWT NEVER PROMISE US TO SUSTAIN IN IT. Allah SWT give "HIDAYAH" for those whom HE like, and HE take back the "HIDAYAH" from whom HE likes.

That is the reason why, we need to make and effort on our iman..so that we shall remain in the HIDAYAH and RAHMAH of ALLAH SWT....

luahan rasa....
8:07 AM | Author: abdul latif
To make it an Ummah, the Phophet SAW and his companions have undergone great hardship, difficulty and obstacle. While their enemies, Jews and Nasara always tried, that the Muslim may not remain an Ummah, rather be splitted into fraction. The light of Hidayah that the Prophet SAW brought have unite different nations, diffrerent languages, and different clans and they all had create a unity. Through this..the UMMAH came into existance...

The brotherhood is the main essential part of it. But when ponder around, and see the ummah today. it is shame on us. the unity and brotherhood that once what we proud of is already gone. what we have now is a society that full with hatred, disgrace and hypocrisy.

Between Fact and Faith
5:03 AM | Author: abdul latif

Whatever in our brain is fact, and what is in our heart is faith.........
(my murabbi once advice me this)

FACT, also known as information. It could be learned from class and lecture that we attended, from books that we read. Fact could be gain from lots of sources...from the television, internet. some would just get it from others experiences and learned it from our own experiences. Nowadays in this globalize world all the information is just on our finger tips.

BUT...what about faith?

In order for us to practice the fact, we need the FAITH (IMAN). And faith only comes from only one source. That is from the creator of the heart itself, THE MOST GRACIOUS THE MOST MERCIFUL..ALLAH SWT.
Up until now we are just like a sponge. Could only absorb the fact. But doesn't have the strength to practice it, and turn it into AMAL..

A simple analogue. A doctor, a very knowledgeable person in the in medicine and health. In order for him to qualified as a doctor he need to learn all the information on the good and the bad for human health. And who else could know better about diseases than them. But despite of their wide knowledge, there are still doctors that smoking cigarette. This happen not because they don't know the harm effect of cigarette. But due to inability to turn the information that they learned into practice.

This is what happen in our society. Not that they don't know and maybe they are the expert. But when it come into AMAL..lots of them fail to do it. Because in order to practice ISLAM we need FAITH not only FACT. And FAITH (IMAN) only comes from ALLAH. To get this, is from prayers and mujahadah.

The Companion rad.hum. has already showed us the way. They had the solid believe and faith to ALLAH SWT and The Prophet SAW due to the sacrife that they made for the sake of Deen...

Without FAITH in our heart, what we learned will only remain as FACT. We know that to pray in congregation is 27 times better, we know that riba is forbidden (haram), we know that the only thing that those who enter paradise regret most is for their time that passed in the world without zikrullah, we know that gossips is forbidden, we know that we shall leave the world and what we will bring is only our good deeds (our IMAN and AMAL...)

we knows, but............

Kerana telah kupilih jalanMu
9:16 AM | Author: abdul latif
Telah Kupilih JalanMu
layyinul qalbie
editor : everjihad

Telah kupilih jalanMu
Jalan yang mendekatkan aku padaMu
Jalan orang-orang yang beriman dan beramal soleh
Dan aku yakin sebenar-benarnya
Cintaku padaMu takkan pernah dikecewakan

Namun Tuhan,
Ampuni aku,
Fitrah hati ini terlalu berat untuk kubuang
Terlalu pahit untuk ditelan
Tapi terus-terusan aku gagahkan
Demi menggapai cintaMu Yang Esa

Bantulah aku Tuhan
Jika rinduku ini imaginasi syaitan
Dan kuminta ia dilenyapkan
Andai kasihku berlandaskan nafsu
Kumohon matikanlah rasa cinta yang belum tentu jadi milikku

Tolonglah aku Tuhan
Untuk mengisi bejana cintaku untukMu
Agar aku takkan pernah dahagakan
Cinta dari insan yang tak halal bagiku
Teguhkan kasihku untukMu
Agar aku tak kecundang dijajah cinta yang dusta
Yang menjadi hijab di antara kita
Tetapkan langkahku
di jalan ini

Gagahkan aku Tuhan
Untuk menenggelamkan kapal cinta manusia
Walau ia se'gah' bahtera 'Titanic'
Tetapku pinta ia karam
Jika belayar ia di lautan dosa

Dan kumohon Tuhan
Damaikanlah ombak di hati
Walaupun ribut datang mengundang
Kasihku diikat di dasar Rabbi
Kerana ianya lumrah ujian..
Dan akan kuterus tekadkan janji
Kerana telah kupilih jalanMu.

6:16 PM | Author: abdul latif
Musyawarah or meeting is one of the sunnah of the Prophet SAW. Even the prophet himself also make a meeting asking the opinion of his companion on every issue regarding the ummah. Despite of he is messenger of ALLAH and the most noble person of all humankind and despite of he get the "wahyu" directly from ALLAH SWT.

a reflection of the past come into my head,...
that day happen when we are having a program. i came late that day, and all of the other brothers are already there. Some already sat, awaiting for the meeting to start,(Becuase meeting is sunnah and, in the jemaah it is a tradition and a must for us to start our program with a meeting) and some are about to finished their "tahiyatul masjid" and dhuha prayer.

soo, in my heart i said, i came already late, and they all are about to start the meeting. So why not i just sit, and wait for the meeting to start.
Then my murabbi came to me. Hold my shouder gently and warmly, he then ask me whether i already perform my 2 rakaat prayer or not.
i replay that i just came and still did'nt do my "sunnat" prayer yet. then he ask me, why not i recite my prayer first then only sit for the meeting. all of other brothers already finished their prayer at that moment.
then they all patiently wait for me, while i recite my prayer. after I've already finished then only the meeting was started.

the important thing of this story is, on how is our understanding of fiqh of priority "fiqh awlawiyat". On what basis does we make our judgement on which thing must come first.....

The anology is simple..
between a meeting and prayer. Each has it's own priority, the meeting is a sunnah and was done in purpose of discussting on the issue of the ummah. And the other one is prayer....worshiping Allah SWT. INDEED...prayer should come first. because throught prayer that we could please Allah SWT and ask for His guidance...

Everything happen with the permission of Allah. So brothers, when we maked a program we are saying that our intention is to please Allah. But...at the same time we did'nt worship Him and ask for his guidance. as if, we are thinking that our mind and logic could solve all the problem through the meeting. at some occasion we even delay our fardhu prayer for the reason of having a meeting... is this the way that being showed by the Prophet SAW?.

History had witnessed how the Companion R.HUM, crossed the Dajlah River with only 2 rakaat of prayer..and not even an inch of water touch their feet.

we should start to ponder arround..
is'nt it ALLAH SWT is the One who controling of everything, and benefits and harms only come from Allah...
who is the worse among all?
4:24 AM | Author: abdul latif
the worse person is ones that eat alone
worse than that is the person who travel alone
worse than that is, those who make decission without "musyawarah"
worse than that is ones who leave Deen for his "world"
worse than that is the person who leave his Deen for other person "world"
the worse of all is ones that use Deen for his "world"

this phrase i took from my amir halaqah Dr Yassir during our halaqah meeting last month.. deep in my heart i'm asking myself. do i make all of this to get name, glory and fame?...

when i was just a young boy, i always dream of to become a superheroes... so that i could become famous and everyone will respect me. at that time i'm still a naive boy. still not knowing that alongside with fame and popularity there is a huge responsibility. in which i'm afraid that i could not carry...

this is the video of As- Syahid Dr Abdul Aziz al Rantissi, the late HAMAS leader before he was assasinated. he died in the most respectful way.... as a SYUHADA
May his soul rest in peace
and may ALLAH choose us to follow his path..
2:22 AM | Author: abdul latif
why do i study...?
for what reasons i spend 4 year in this institution that so called as center of higher learning?
my amir marhalah once give us a tazkirah about this matter... i write it back here by using my own words and understanding.

dear respectful brothers, every one of you need to have the right intention. why and for what reasons did you come here and spend 3 to 5 year of your life.

brothers...if u came here in intention to get your degree, InsyaAllah u shall get ur degree. but remember, if this is only ur intention. Allah will put u only in the lecture hall, in the labs, and in the library. u might excel in ur study, but ALLAH shall not put u in His home, the mosque, the garden of paradise. u would not get the invitation to come to His house. a simple analogy, if ones is going to organize a feast in ones house. only those who r in the host heart would only get the invitation to come to celebrate the feast. so do Allah, those who could come to the mosque when hearing the azan are those very lucky ones. those that have a very clear intention in his heart. what is his purpose of life...

brothers is u hav the right intention in ur heart, u just not only get ur degree, but also u shall get the blessing from Him, who own the seven earth and the seven skies. He would not just put you in the lecture hall, labs and library, He also would invite you to the place of tranquility. the mosque. n He also will give u time to recite Quran not only books. n when Allah is please with you, every single thing in your life would become easy for u.
u would not only become a students but, Allah will choose u to become a daie. the most honorable job of all...

dear respectful brothers..let us check our intention.. r we really study to please Allah?. n if that soo..why we could not and does not have the strenght to come to the mosque when the azan summons us. why did ALLAH don't choose us for that. why we r being busied to to lots of things but ALLAH did not make us busy in worship Him.