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it hav been quite long since my last post. exam week..
finish my paper on 7 'th May. For the past two week, i learn lots of new thing....
So many thing did happen, and some r so sweet but some r not.
but from obstacle and difficulty comes the sweetness...

it's really hard to go against ur disire, lust and nafs.... a brother said to me to enter Jannah is so simple, just only with two steps. the first is to step on ur nafs and the second step is entering the Jannah. it is so simple by words.....but soo hard practically. for me, of course..

this two week i learn the true meaning of iman. the taste of it, is something that could not be translate into words. to understand it. it is like the taste of a fruit, it is very hard to tell the real taste of a fruit. but to understand the true taste of that friut, u need to eat it urself.

the most unforgetable moment is on 21'st May. on that day, the jemaah met 3 non muslim. on different place and time. we ask them if they intersted to know about Islam. And Alhamdulillah all of them said "yes". and all of them seems very interested. They even agreed with all what we said. And it turnout, one of the 3 came to the jemaah the next day and convert to Islam... we gived him a new name "syukri". which is a symbolic to express our gratitude to Allah SWT. But on the same day the jemaah also met a muslim. born as a muslim, raised up in a muslim family. but hate to known as muslim. even try to question the Quran. Which make us very sad and pity on him.

This happen on the same day. And for us it is like Allah SWT want to tell us something. A tarbiyah from Allah SWT, for those who want to learn. Allah SWT has already bestowed us with a very precious ni'mat. That is the ni'mat of iman... BUT ALLH SWT NEVER PROMISE US TO SUSTAIN IN IT. Allah SWT give "HIDAYAH" for those whom HE like, and HE take back the "HIDAYAH" from whom HE likes.

That is the reason why, we need to make and effort on our iman..so that we shall remain in the HIDAYAH and RAHMAH of ALLAH SWT....

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On June 10, 2009 at 10:36 AM , The Story Teller said...

may we be blessed by iman..^_^